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Chicken that tastes like Ribs

Healthy. Chicken. Barbecue.

How do we make Chicken taste like Ribs?

We take a special cut of bone-in chicken thigh, season it with our authentic Texas dry rub, and then slow-smoke it over real hickory wood for 4 hours.  Our process produces the same savory flavor and eating experience you get with pork ribs, but without the guilt!  Chicken Ribs have 75% less fat and calories than traditional BBQ.


All Natural, No preservatives, nitrates, or artificial flavors.

Taste the difference of a clean label product!  Chicken Ribs consist simply of all natural chicken, spices, and real wood smoke.  We do not use any preservatives, injections, nitrates, or artificial flavors in our product.  It's the quality of our ingredients and process that produce an authentic BBQ experience that will have you coming back for more!


Less grill, more chill.

Great barbecue takes time, but we've made it convenient for you.  Chicken Ribs come fully cooked, so all you have to do is heat and enjoy!  From the smokehouse, we vacuum seal 3 Chicken Ribs in a package to lock in the delicious flavor and also provide easy portion control.  Grab only what you need without any waste. 

Free 2-day Nationwide Shipping

> We ship our Chicken Ribs in eco-friendly insulated containers packaged with dry ice to ensure they arrive frozen to your door!

> All orders ship out next day and will arrive within 2 days.  You will receive an email when your order has shipped and a second email when it has been delivered by FedEx.

> Residential home delivery on the weekend is available!  If you are shipping to a commercial address for weekend delivery (Thursday and/or Friday order date), we will hold your order until the following Monday to ship out.

> Please be careful with the dry ice if there is any remaining in your package, and allow it to evaporate in the box!

The Chicken Rib mantra

Rain or shine, it's healthy BBQ time!